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 day : 30/05/2008

JSO Story 2000 >>> 2008

JSO = Je Suis d'Origine (that means "my car is unmodified, strictly in original conditions")

First of all, I introduce myself : Gérard, aka Cap'tain on the forum, aka Gégé for friends. I was born in 1950, engine mechanic, married, 1 child and I live near Paris. Mechanic sports enthusiast since always, I've been driving karts, bikes, boats, cars ... Well, everything with an engine, almost !


I've been on circuits since I'm 18, and I'm 58 now ! I've been racing a 205 GTI 1.6 during Fol'car championship of Normandie from 1994 to 1998. It was upgraded with my son and some mates. I've met lots of pilotes and mechanics, I took notes and I tried to go through mysteries and secrets of those sports and engine preparation.

In pit, mechanics don't chat a lot ! Every time I did ask : "She goes, what did you do ?", they answered me : "Nothing, strictly original !". Of course it was wrong, mods had been done ...

Then I decided to create an "engine preparation club" and to name it : "Je Suis d'Origine". Our philosophy : tune the engine up but keep outside slightly original with just few mods, like wheels or lowering ! Example : fit a Porsche flat6 in a Citroën 2CV, beat everything on the road and tell : "Strictly original mate !!!"

In 2000,

Early 2000 I created the JSO Club to prepare a race car. Not a 2CV but a

205 tuned up, stripped and resprayed to race during FFSA runs.

The Club is based (in France) in Rueil (92500) and the workshop is in Chatou (78400): a small place to work with garden, car park and garage (rare around Paris !) I've discovered FFSA Runs (1/4 miles of straight line) in 1999. This sport has been created in France to stop friday night street racing : Adrenaline on track, not on the road.

Prepared with my son Steeve, our 205 was quiet efficient but not enough compared to other tuned cars. So we decided to work on the Steeve's 106 GTI 16S

: badly tuned up and NOS fed, this 200BHP pocket rocket was well-known in

1/4 mile races. Also it has been seen on TV and at some shows : Paris Tuning Show and Mondial de l'Auto 2000.

Steeve's 106S16


In 2001,

We swap the 205 GTI engine with a 200BHP 2.0L turbocharged (TCT). With this car, we won the 2001 French championship of runs. This 205 was exposed during Paris Tuning Show 2001 and 2002 and in Lyon and Rouen Motorsport shows.


Gérard's 205TCT

At the same time I built a website www.jsoclub.com where everyone can follow the evolution of the cars.


In 2002,

The JSO Team decided to prepare another 205, but this time, it will be a 300BHP 2.0 16v turbocharged engine. We did it allways the same way : unmodified outside and big engine inside ! Guillaume, Julien and Steeve have built this car with JSO team advices.


Thanks to Nicolas, another member, we have a forum



In 2002 and 2003, we did the official timing of FFSA Runs But, Les chronos JSO  yes there is a "but", because of few problems, we decided to stop in 2003. l'aventure des chronos.


In 2003,

Steeve changed his powerfull 106 GTI for a beautifull Toyota Supra mk4, 6 cylinders and 340BHP. This car this will be prepared and will do few motor shows.

Steeve's Supra

During this year, we do the FFSA Runs and also few track days.
We bought 2 Subaru Impreza : STI for NicoF and WRX for me

The team honours our slogan : a team, a spirit, a passion while upgrading their cars.
We exposed our two 205 GTI, the Steeve's Supra on the Rouen and Lyon Motor Shows and also the Jon's Nissan GTiR on the Paris Tuning Show.

In 2004,
The team is still growing up. The 205 Turbo16 evolves, the Supra is upgraded and all the team members are working hard to improve their cars.
After a big season of runs, our 205 T16 is first in its category in the FFSA Runs Championship : 1/8mile in 8,227s and 1/4mile in 12,14s.


We exposed 2 cars during the 2004 PTS : the 205 T16 and the Jeremy's Fairlady Z.

Early in 2004, we opened a spare parts store (www.japanstore.net). This online store will be club cashflow.






In 2005,






JSO's Team

In 2006 ,

In 2007 ,

In 2008 ,

JSO ... Gérard's    
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